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Table of Contents THE SNACK FOODS SETTINGOverview, E.W. LusasThe Snack Industry: History, Domestic and Global Status, J.A. McCarthyINGREDIENTS AND GENERAL EQUIPMENTFood Quality of Corn, L.W. Rooney and E.L. SuhendroAlkaline-Cooked Corn Products, C.M.McDonough, M.H. Gomez, L.W. Rooney, and S.O. Serna-Saldivar Starches for Snack Foods, D.P. Huang and L.W. Rooney Oils and Industrial Frying, D.E. Banks and E.W. Lusas Hot Air Dryers, R. Sunderland SNACK FOODS PREPARATION AND DEDICATED EQUIPMENTPotatoes and Potato Chips, W.A. Gould Use of Dried Potatoes in Snack Foods, V. Hix Tortilla Chip Processing, S.P. Mehta Snack Foods from Formers and High-Shear Extruders, O. Burtea Snack Foods From Cooking Extruders, G. Huber Perfect Pretzel Production, E.T. Groff Popcorn Products, C. Cretors Snack Foods of Animal Origin, P. Bechtel Rice-Based Snack Foods, S. Lu and T.-C. LinJapanese Snack Foods, S. Nagao Snack Foods of India, S. R. Mudambi and M.V. Rajagopal OPERATIONS AFTER SHAPING AND DRYINGSnack Food Seasonings, J. Seighman Snack Seasonings Application, D. E. Hanify Sensory Evaluation in Snack Foods Development andProduction, D. Jacoby and C. King Product Protection and Packaging Materials, T. Dunn Snack Foods Filling and Packaging, C. Kuhr Evaluation Methods and Quality Control for Snacks, R Waniska