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Microbiological Risk Assessment in Food Processing


ISBN10: 849315379
ISBN13: 9780849315374

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $229.95
Pages: 301
Publish date: October 2002

Presents microbiological risk analysis concepts, principles, and techniques for use in managing food safety Highlights the benefits of formal risk analysis systems Explains methods for clearly identifying uncertainties and variability or imperfections in data, and how to take them into account Microbiological risk assessment (MRA) is one of the most important recent developments in food safety management. It provides a structured way of identifying and assessing microbiological risks in food. Edited by two leading authorities, and with contributions by international experts in the field, Microbiological Risk Assessment in Food Processing provides detailed coverage of the key steps in MRA and how it can be used to improve food safety. The book begins by placing MRA within the broader context of the evolution of international food safety standards. Part 1 introduces the key steps in MRA methodology. A series of chapters discusses each step, starting with hazard identification and characterization before going on to consider exposure assessment, risk characterization, and risk communication. Part 2 then considers how MRA can be implemented in practice. It contains chapters on implementing the results of a microbiological risk assessment and on the qualitative and quantitative tools available in carrying out an MRA. Two final chapters discuss the relationship of MRA to the use of microbiological criteria and another key tool in food safety management, HACCP systems. Risk reduction is an essential part of every food producer's responsibility to protect both its customers and its business. With its authoritative coverage of both principles and key issues in implementation, Microbiological Risk Assessment in Food Processing helps risk managers ensure that transparent and unbiased risk assessment processes and the best available data are used for decision making.

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