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Index page for: Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport

Table of Contents Introduction to Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport, S.S. JonnalagaddaNutritional Concerns of Athletes during the Life CycleNutritional Concerns of Pregnant and Lactating Athletes, J.D. AndingNutritional Concerns of Child Athletes, N.M. Lewis and J.E. GuestNutritional Concerns of Adolescent Athletes, K.A. BealsNutritional Concerns of Elderly Athletes, M. Ripley, P.N. Taylor, I. Wolinsky, and D.J. Klimis-ZacasNutritional Concerns of Athletes in Specific GroupsNutritional Concerns of Olympic and Elite Athletes, A.C. Grandjean, J.S. Ruud, and K.J. ReimersNutritional Concerns of Vegetarian Athletes, M. DiPasqualeNutritional Concerns of Physically Disabled Athletes, J. KandiahNutritional Concerns of Athletes with Chronic Medical Conditions, B.J. Shriver and L. Mallory BoylanThe SportThe Training Table, J. R. BerningEating on the Road, D. EllisEating Before, During, and After the Event, R.E. Keith, H.B. Holden, and L.S. McAnultyEating and Addictive Disorders/ConditionsNutritional Implications of Eating Disorders Among Athletes, J.S. RuudNutritional and Performance Implications of Use of Addictive Substances Among Athletes, R.J. Moffatt, S.N. Cheuvront, and J.B. SheaNutritional Implications of Exercise Dependence Among Athletes, N.M. BettsNutrition Knowledge of AthletesNutritional Knowledge of Athletes, P.A. HenryNutritional Concerns, Knowledge, and Recommendations of Coaches and Athletic Trainers, R.D. Lewis, J.A. Massoni, and K.E. CrawfordSummary - Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport, I. Wolinsky and J. Driskell