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Table of Contents Introduction The Nutrients Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients The Most Important Nutrient: WaterMacronutrients: The Energy Nutrients Carbohydrate Metabolism and Exercise Lipid Metabolism and Exercise Protein Metabolism and ExerciseMicronutrients: The Catalysts Vitamin Metabolism and Exercise Mineral Metabolism and Exercise Ergogenic Aids and ExerciseEnergy Requirements Assessment of Energy Intake Assessment of Energy Expenditure Weight ControlBody Composition Assessment of Body Composition Overweight and Obesity Underweight and Eating Disorders Conditioning Nutritional Status of AthletesDietary and Exercise Recommendations for the Healthy Athlete Nutrition and Exercise Guidelines Recommendations for Individuals in the Various Stages of Their LifespansExercise as Therapy for Degenerative DiseasesSummary: Interrelationships between Nutrition and Exercise