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Index page for: Lipid Metabolism and Health

Table of Contents Lipids and Health: Past, Present, and Future: Bryant A. Stamford and Robert J. MoffattCardiovascular Risk Assessment: William B. KannelBasic Lipidology: Jacqueline L. Dupont Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism: Paul G. Davis and Jason D. WagganerThe Vascular Biology of Atherosclerosis: Robert Carter III and Harlan P. JonesExercise Training and Endothelial Function in Patients at Risk for and with Documented Coronary Artery Disease: Tom LaFontaine and Jeffrey L. RoitmannEssential Laboratory Methods for Blood Lipid and Lipoprotein Analysis: Peter W. Grandjean and Sofiya AlhassanMetabolic Syndrome: Vic Ben-EzraObesity, Lipoproteins, and Exercise: Theodore J. AngelopoulosPharmacological Treatments of Lipid Abnormalities: Sachin M. Navare and Paul D. ThompsonNew Insights on the Role of Lipids and Lipoproteins in Cardiovascular Disease: The Modulating Effects of Nutrition: Kirsten F. Hilpert, Amy E. Griel, Tricia Psota, Sarah Gebauer, Yumei Coa, and Penny M. Kris-EthertonPhysical Activity, Exercise, Blood Lipids, and Lipoproteins: J. Larry Durstine and Andrea C. SummerAcute Changes in Lipids and Lipoprotein-Lipids Induced by Exercise: Stephen F. CrouseSmoking, Heart Disease, and Lipoprotein Metabolism: Robert J. Moffatt, Sarah Chelland, and Bryant A. StamfordLipid and Lipoprotein Concentrations in Americans: Ethnicity and Age: Michael R. Kushnick and Lynn B. PantonIndex