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Index page for: Nutritionally Enhanced Edible Oil Processing

Table of Contents 1. Oil- and Oilseed-Based Bioactive Compounds and Their Health Effects2. Effects of Processing on Nutritional and Bioactive Components of Oil3. Isoflavones in Soybean Processing4. Extrusion-Based Oilseed Processing Methods5. Enzyme-Aided Aqueous Extraction6. Utilization of Supercritical Fluid Technology for Oil And Oilseed Processing7. Degumming8. Edible Oil Bleaching9. Filtration Techniques in Vegetable Oil Processing10. Vacuum Distillation of Edible Oils11. Crystallization for Nutritionally Enhanced Fats and Oils12. Hydrogenation Techniques13. Low-Cost Oil-Processing Techniques14. Biocatalysis for Lipid Modifications15. Enzymes as Processing Aids16. Processing Aspects of Single-Cell Oils