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Index page for: Technology of Biscuits, Crackers, and Cookies, Third Edition

Table of Contents PREFACEMANAGEMENT OF TECHNOLOGYThe Technical DepartmentTotal Quality Management and HACCPProcesses and Efficiency ControlProduct DevelopmentMATERIALS AND INGREDIENTSChoosing Materials for ProductionWheat Flour and Vital Wheat GlutenMeals, Grits, Flours, and Starches (Other than Wheat)Sugars and SyrupsFats and OilsEmulsifers (Surfactants) and Anti-OxidantsMilk Products and EggsYeast and EnzymesFlavours, Spices and Flavour EnhancersAdditivesChocolate and CocoaPackaging MaterialsTYPES OF BISCUITSClassification of BiscuitsCream CrackersSoda CrackersSavoury or Snack CrackersMatzos and Water BiscuitsHard Sweet, Semi Sweet and Garibaldi Fruit Sandwich BiscuitsShort Dough BiscuitsDeposited Soft Dough and Sponge Drop BiscuitsWafer BiscuitsThe Position of Biscuits in NutritionMiscellaneous Biscuit-Like ProductsBISCUIT PRODUCTION PROCESSES AND EQUIPMENTBulk Handling and Metering of IngredientsMixing and PremixesSheeting, Gauging and CuttingLaminatingRotary MoldingExtruding and DepositingBakingBiscuit Cooling and HandlingSecondary ProcessingPackaging and StorageRecycling, Handling and Disposal of Waste Materials