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Consumer led food product development


ISBN10: 1420043994
ISBN13: 9781420043990

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $319.95
Pages: 279
Publish date: November 2007

Gives readers a general introduction to factors affecting consumer food choice Explores issues such as sensory perception, culture, ethics, attitudes towards innovation and psychobiological mechanisms Covers analysis methods such as means-end chains and the food-related lifestyle approach Addresses a wide variety of methods used for consumer-led product development, culminating in a comprehensive case study No matter how innovative or technologically advanced a new or reformulated food product may be, it will only be a success if it gains widespread consumer acceptance. Ensuring that food product development strategies are consumer-led, therefore, is of importance to the food industry. Consumer-Led Food Product Development describes current state-of-art methods in this area. After an introductory section exploring reasons why food consumers purchase and consume certain products, chapters review the latest advances in two major areas of food product development: consumer research for strategy development and consumer sensory evaluation.

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