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Table of Contents ECONOMIC AND TECHNICAL CONTEXT OF FOOD PLANT DESIGNFood Science, Technology, and EngineeringSocioeconomic and Technical ContextReferencesMATHEMATICAL MODELING OF FOOD PROCESSING SYSTEMS AND FOOD PLANT SIMULATION Transfer Phenomena and Property Balance Transfer Properties: Viscosity, Conductivity, and DiffusivityHeat Transfer in Fluids Mathematical Model of a Unit Operation: Hot Air DryingMathematical Modeling of Refrigeration and Thermal Storage Systems Food Plant Simulation ReferencesDOCUMENTATION OF FOOD PLANT DESIGN Introduction Preliminary Studies of Food Products and Raw Materials Literature Review and Laboratory Studies on Food Processing Technology and EngineeringPilot Plant Studies Food Processing Systems and Food Plant Preliminary and Final Projects Information Handling in Flowchart FormReferencesPROCESSING SYSTEM ALTERNATIVES: PROCESS SYNTHESIS Introduction Synthesis Methods ReferencesFOOD PROCESSING SYSTEM ALTERNATIVES ANALYSISOutlining the Problem Selecting Design Variables Alternative Analysis by Means of Simulation Design Economic Criteria Cost EstimationReferencesEXPERIMENTATION IN PILOT PLANTIntroductionSize and Structure of the Pilot Plant Types and Applications Pilot Plant Design Experimentation StrategiesCapital Investment and Operation Cost ReferencesMATERIALS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF FOOD EQUIPMENT Characteristics of Suitable Construction MaterialTypes of Materials and Applications ReferencesHYGIENIC DESIGN OF PROCESSING SYSTEMS AND AUXILIARY SYSTEMSBasic Principles for Hygienic Design of Food Equipment Hygienic Design of Auxiliary Systems in Contact with FoodsExternal Design of Processing Equipment and Auxiliary Systems CIP (Clean-in-Place) System Design ReferencesFOOD PROCESSING PLANT DESIGN CONSIDERATIONSDesigning the Food Plant Selecting Food Plant SiteHygienic Design of the Food Processing Plant ReferencesIndex