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Index page for: Phytochemicals as Bioactive Agents

Table of Contents Preface o Strategies for Discovery of Bioactive Phytochemicals, Stephen O. Duke, Ph.D., Agnes M. Rimando, Franck E. Dayan, Camilo Canel, David E. Wedge, Mario R. Tellez, Kevin K. Schrader, Leslie A. Weston, Troy J. Smillie, Rex N. Paul and Mary V. Duke o QSAR and Molecular Modeling of Bioactive Phyto-Phenolics, Eric J. Lien, Ph.D. and Shijun Ren, Ph.D. o Chemoprevention by Phytochemical Modifiers of Carcinogen Metabolism, Stephen S. Hecht, Ph.D. o Clinical Trial Design for Evaluating Phytochemical Bioactivity, Kevin C. Maki, Ph.D. o The Use of Fermentable Fibers to Manage the Gastrointestinal Ecosystem, Randal K. Buddington, Ph.D. o Phytoantimicrobial (PAM) Agents as Multifunctional Food Additives, A.S. Naidu, Ph.D. o The Protective Effect of Tea on Cancer: Human Evidence, Junshi Chen, M.D. and Chi Han, M.D. o Effect of Genistein on Growth of Human Breast Cancer Cells in vitro and in vivo, William Helferich, Ph.D. o Cancer Prevention by Carotenoids and Curcumins, H. Nishino, M.D., Harukuni Tokuda, Michiaki Murakoshi, Yoshiko Satomi, Hirohiko Matsumoto, Mitsuhara Masuda, Ping Bu, Mari Onozuka, Shino Yamagguchi, Yoko Okuda, Junko Takayasu, Atsuko Nishino, Jun Tsuruta, Masato Okuda, Eiichiro Ichiishi, Kazuto Nosaka, Takao Konoshima, Toshimitsu Kato, Zohar Nir, Frederick Khachik, Norihiko Misawa, Tomio Narisawa and Nobuo Takasuka o Alfalfa Saponins: Chemistry and Application, Wieslaw A. Oleszek, Ph.D. o Saw Palmetto: Critical Review, Chemistry and Application, Paul Burbrick, Ph.D., Paul Johnson, B.S. and Kerry Stonebrook, M.S. o Effect of Garlic on Serum Cholesterol Levels, Christopher D. Gardner, Ph.D., Loaine Chatterjee, M.S. and Joseph Carlson, Ph.D., R.D.o Bioactives in Rice Bran and Rice Bran Oil, Rukmini Cheruvanky, Ph.D. o Designing Functional Foods to Enhance Health, Wayne R. Bidlack, Ph.D. and Wei Wang, Ph.D.