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Introduction to Toxicology and Food


ISBN10: 849314569
ISBN13: 9780849314568

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $66.95
Pages: 168
Publish date: July 2002

Identifies the nature, sources, and formation of toxic substances in foods Covers new groups of contaminants such as fumonisins and bisphenol A and new food additives Includes the legal and safety aspects as well as the functions of food additives Discusses 12 groups of contaminants and their toxic effects, even when consumed in small amounts Reviews the properties of 18 sources of natural compounds in foods that may cause adverse effects Describes significant chemopreventers in the diet, presenting results of the most recent researches on this subject With growing interest in the safety of foods, knowledge of food toxicology is gaining more importance every day. Introduction to Toxicology and Food provides a concise overview of both the science of toxicology and food toxicology. It presents easy-to-understand explanations of the concepts and principles of toxicology as a science, the toxicants found in foods, and naturally occurring antitoxic/anticarcinogenic substances in foods. It examines the uses, harmful effects, and safety aspects of a variety of toxicants, including natural toxicants, contaminants, and food additives. The book begins with a general overview of the concepts and principles of toxicology. It describes its history and branches, toxic doses, stages of toxication, effect mechanisms of toxins, and toxicity tests. Then it covers the substances in our foods that have toxicological significance, such as natural sources of toxicants, contaminants, and food additives. Finally, the book presents information about chemopreventers - those foods and food components that have antimutagenic or anticarcinogenic effects. With its easy-to-read style and its clear discussions of the science of toxicology, food toxicology, and chemopreventers, Introduction to Toxicology and Food is an ideal text for an undergraduate course in food toxicology and a useful guide for food scientists.

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