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Table of Contents Activation Energy in Thermal Process Calculations ? Aquacultural Product Storage Systems ? Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients ? Dehydration Process Energy Balances ? Extrusion System Components ? Fermentation Process Material and Energy Balances ? Forage Production Systems-Machine Design ? Glass Transition Temperatures ? Heating and Cooling in Agitated Vessels ? Homeostasis in Animal Environment ? Indirect Contact Freezing Systems ? Kinetics of Soil Removal During Cleaning ? Machine Vision in Precision Agriculture ? Mass Transfer in Biological Membranes ? Membrane Separation System Design ? Microwave Modification of Wood Properties ? Physical Properties of Agricultural Products ? Processing Waste Land Application ? Processing Wastewater Recovery ? Properties of Concentrated Foods ? Properties of Food Powders ? Radio Frequency Heating and Other RF Applications Relevant to the Food Industry ? Residence Time Distribution-Biomedical, Food,and Environmental Applications