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Table of Contents IntroductionPART I GENERAL ISSUESDefining Functional Foods, M.B. Roberfroid, Universit? Catholiquie de Louvain, BrusselsEU Legislation and Functional Foods: A Case Study, P. Berry Ottaway, Consultant, Berry Ottaway and Associates Ltd., HerefordUS Legislation and Functional Health Claims, M.K. Schmidl and T.P Labuza, University of MinnesotaPART II FUNCTIONAL FOODS AND HEALTHColonic Functional Foods, R.A. Rastall (University of Reading), R. Fuller (Russett House, Reading), H.R. Gaskins (University of Illinois, Champaign, Urbana), and G.R. Gibson (University of Reading)Coronary Heart Disease, J.A. Lovegrove and K.G. Jackson, University of ReadingAnti-tumour Properties, I.T. Johnson, Institute of Food Research, NorwichFunctional Foods and Acute Infections: Probiotics and Gastrointestinal Disorders, E. Isolauri and S. Salminen, University of TurkuPART III DEVELOPING FUNCTIONAL FOOD PRODUCTSMaximizing the Functional Benefits of Plant Foods, D.G. Lindsay, Institute of Food Research, NorwichDeveloping Functional Ingredients: A Case Study,A.-S. Sandberg, Chalmers University of Technology, GothenburgFunctional Fats and Spreads, E.A.M. de Deckere and P.M. Verschuren, Unilever Research, VlaardingenFunctional Confectionary, E.F. Pickford and N.J. Jardine, Nestl? Product Technology Centre, YorkProbiotic Functional Foods, T. Mattila-Sandholm and M. Saarela, VTT Biotechnology, EspooDietary Fibre Functional Products, F. Guillon (URPOI, Centre de Recherches INRA, Nantes), M. Champ (UFDNH, Centre de Recherches INRA, Nantes), and J.-F. Thibault (URPOI, Centre de Recherches INRA, Nantes)Index