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Index page for: Food in China: A Cultural and Historical Inquiry

Table of Contents List of Illustrations. List of Tables. Maps of Provinces of China. Dynasties of China. Preface. Bibliographic Note. INTRODUCTION. Food in Chinese Thought and Culture. Major Regional Cuisines of China. FOODS UTILIZED. Cereals and Pulses. Roots and Tubers. Other Cultivated Vegetables. Seaweeds and Other Algae. Fruits. Edible Nuts, Nut-Like Fruits, and Seeds. Flesh and Fowl. Fish, Turtles and Tortoises. Eggs. Spices and Flavorings. Four Chinese Delicacies. Beverages, Including Dairy Products. Notes on Food and Nutrition and Health in Traditional China. Conclusion. References. 600 pp., hardcover, 1990, ISBN 0-8493-8804-4.Features: