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Index page for: Understanding and Measuring the Shelf-Life of Food

Table of Contents Factors Affecting Shelf-Life and SpoilageThe Major Types of Food Spoilage: An Overview, R.P. Singh and B.A. AndersonShelf-Life and Moisture Management, R. Esse and A. SaariTemperature and Food Stability: Analysis and Control, P.S. Taoukis and M.A. GiannakourouGenetic and Physiological Factors Affecting Colour and Firmness, R.E. Schouten, O. van Kooten, H. Jalink, I.F. Kappers. J.F.H. Snel, and W. JordiSpoilage Yeasts, T. DeakFactors Affecting the Maillard Reaction, A. ArnoldiFactors Affecting Lipid Oxidation, M.H. GordonLipolysis in Lipid Oxidation, C. DaviesMeasuring Shelf-Life and SpoilageWays of Measuring Shelf-Life and Spoilage, T.K. Singh and K.R. CaldwalladerVerification and Validation of Food Spoilage Models, G.D. Betts and S.J. WalkerMeasuring and Modelling the Glass Transition Temperature, I.A. FarhatDetecting Spoilage Yeasts, V. Loureiro, M. Malfeito-Ferreira, and A. CarreiraMeasuring Lipid Oxidation, J.W. Irwin and N. HedgesAccelerated Shelf-Life Tests, S. MizrahiShelf-Life Testing, C.M.D. ManLipid Oxidation and the Shelf-Life of Muscle Foods, P.A. Morrissey and J.P Kerry