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Index page for: Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology

Table of Contents Introduction, V. ValpuestaTools of Genetic Engineering in Plants, J. Pozueta-RomeroTargets for TransformationGenetic Modification of Agronomic Traits in Fruit Crops, L. Baldoni and E. RuginiGenes Involved in Plant Defence Mechanisms, M.A. Gomez-LimGenes Selected for their Role in Modifying Post-Harvest Life, J.R. BotellaThe Use of Molecular Genetics to Improve Food Properties, I. Amaya, M.A. Botella, and V. ValpuestaNutritional Enhancement of Plant Foods, D.G. LindsayCase StudiesTomato, A.L.T. Powell and A.B. BennettCommercial Developments with Transgenic Potato, H.V. DaviesCucurbits, Pepper, Eggplant, Legumes, and Other Vegetables, A. Bernadac, A. Latch?, J.-P. Roustan, and J.-C. PechConsumer's Attitudes and Risk AssessmentConsumer's Attitudes, L.J. FrewerRisk Assessment, W. Cooper and J.B. SweetIndex