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Table of Contents Introduction to Poultry Meat Processing, A.R. SamsPreslaughter Factors Affecting Poultry Meat Quality, J.K. NorthcuttFirst Processing: Slaughter Through Chilling, A.R Sams Second Processing: Parts, Deboning and Portion Control, AR.. SamsPoultry Meat Inspection and Grading, S.F. BilgiliPackaging, P.L. DawsonMeat Quality: Sensory and Instrumental Evaluations, B.G. Lyon and C.E. LyonMicrobiological Pathogens I: Live Poultry Considerations, B.M. Hargis, D.J. Caldwell, and J.A. ByrdPoultry-Borne Pathogens II: Plant Considerations, D.E. Connor, M.A. Davis, and L. ZhangSpoilage Bacteria Associated with Poultry, S.M. RussellFunctional Properties of Muscle Proteins in Processed Poultry Products, D.M. SmithFormed and Emulsion Products, J.T. KeetonCoated Poultry Products, C.M. OwensMechanical Separation of Poultry Meat and Its Use in Products, G.W. FroningMarination, Cooking, and Curing of Poultry Products, D.P. SmithA Brief Introduction to Some of the Practical Aspects of the Kosher and Halal Laws for the Poultry Industry, J.M. Regenstein and M. ChaudryProcessing Wastewater, W.C. MerkaQuality Assurance and Process Control, D. Smith