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Index page for: Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing

Table of Contents An Overview of CFD Applications in the Food Industry, T. Norton and D.W. SunCFD Optimization of Airflow in Refrigerated Truck Configuration Loaded with Pallets, J. MourehCFD Aided Retail Cabinets Design, G. CortellaImproving Performance of a Chilled Multideck Retail Display Cabinet by CFD, A.M. FosterCFD Design of Air Curtain for Open Refrigerated Display Cases, H.K. Navaz, R. Faramarzi, and M. AminInvestigation of Methods to Improve Retail Food Store Environment Using CFD, S. Tassou and W. XiangCFD Optimization of Air Movement through Doorways in Refrigerated Rooms, A.M. FosterCFD Modeling of Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer in Beef Chilling, F.J. Trujillo and Q.T. PhamCFD Prediction of the Air Velocity Field in Modern Meat Dryers, P.S. MiradeCFD Simulation of Spray Drying of Food Products, H. Straatsma, M. Verschueren, M. Gunsing, P. de Jong, and R.E.M. VerdurmenThree-Dimensional CFD Modeling of a Continuous Industrial Baking Process, W. Zhou and N. TherdthaiComputation of Airflow Effects in Microwave and Combination Heating, P. Verboven, B.M. Nicola?, and A.K. DattaThermal Sterilization of Food Using CFD, A.G.A. Ghani and M.M. FaridCFD Analysis of Thermal Processing of Eggs, S. Denys, J. Pieters, and K. DewettinckCFD Simulation of Stirred Yoghurt Processing in Plate Heat Exchangers, J.M. Maia, J.M. N?brega, C.S. Fernandes, and R.P. DiasCFD Modeling of the Hydrodynamics of Plate Heat Exchangers for Milk Processing, K. Grijspeerdt, D. Vucinic, and C. LacorPlate Heat Exchanger: Thermal and Fouling Analysis, S. Jun and V.M. PuriCFD Applications in Membrane Separations Systems, S.X. LiuApplications of CFD in Jet Impingement Oven, D. Kocer, N. Nitin, and M.V. KarweCFD Modeling of Jet Impingement during Heating and Cooling of Foods, E.E.M. Olsson and C. Tr?g?rdhUse of CFD for Optimization, Design, and Scale-Up of Food Extrusion, B.K. Ashokan, J.L. Kokini, and M. DhanasekharanModeling of High-Pressure Food Processing Using CFD, A.G.A. Ghani and M.M. FaridAnalysis of Mixing Processes Using CFD, R.K. Connelly and J.L. KokiniCFD Simulation of Multiphysical-Multi(bio)chemical Interactions of Tea Fermentation and Infusion, G. LianCFD Prediction of Hygiene in Food Processing Equipment, B.B. Busk Jensen and A. FriisCFD Design and Optimization of Biosensors for the Food Industry, P. Verboven, Y.T. Atalay, S. Vermeir, B.M. Nicola?, and J. LammertynModeling Airflow through Vented Packages Containing Horticultural Products, M.J. Ferrua and R.P. SinghCFD Modeling of Indoor Atmosphere and Water Exchanges during the Cheese Ripening Process, P.S. MiradeIndex