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Table of Contents INTRODUCTIONBACKGROUND BASICS Units, Dimensions, Conversions, Common Terms, Definitions Mass Balance Energy Balance Heat Transfer Fundamentals Fluid Flow Rheological Properties Thermophysical Properties THERMAL PROCESSING Introduction Historical Perspectives Classification of Thermal Processes Principles of Thermal Processing Thermal Resistance of Microorganisms Lethality Concept Characterization of Heat Penetration Data Thermal Process Calculations Thermal Process Calculations for Pasteurization Commercial Canning Operations Thermal Process Equipment Commercial Retorts Quality Improvement in Thermally Processed Foods Novel Thermal Processing Techniques LOW TEMPERATURE PRESERVATION IntroductionRefrigerated Storage Food Freezing FOOD DEHYDRATION Introduction Dehydration Fundamentals Drying Curve Mass and Energy Balance in Air Drying Air-Moisture Relationships Effect of Air Temperature, Velocity, and Humidity on Drying Effect of Product Characteristics on Drying Dryer Selection Common Drying Systems Novel Drying Techniques Energy Aspects and Thermal Efficiency Quality and Storage Stability of Dehydrated Foods Trends SEPARATION AND CONCENTRATION Introduction Evaporation Membrane Processing Freeze Concentration Extraction Supercritical Fluid Extraction Osmotic Dehydration (OD) Future Trends APPENDIX A: Conversion FactorsAPPENDIX B: Thermophysical PropertiesAPPENDIX C: Heat and Mass Transfer Charts REFERENCES CITED ADDITIONAL READING MATERIAL INDEX