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Index page for: Resveratrol in Health and Disease

Table of Contents Resveratrol: A Polyphenol for All Seasons: Shishir Shishodia and Bharat B. AggarwalSources and Chemistry of Resveratrol: Navindra P. Seeram, Vishal V. Kulkarni, and Subhash PadhyeResveratrol as an Antioxidant: Catalina Alarc?n de la Lastra, Isabel Villegas, and Antonio Ram?n Mart?nResveratrol as an Antiproliferative Agent for Cancer: Paola Signorelli and Riccardo GhidoniMechanism of Apoptosis by Resveratrol: Shazib Pervaiz and Andrea Lisa HolmeResveratrol as Inhibitor of Cell Survival Signal Transduction: Simone Fulda and Klaus-Michael DebatinResveratrol as Inhibitor of Cell Cycle Progression: Jen-Kun LinMolecular Targets of Resveratrol: Implications to Health and Disease Prevention: Catherine A. O'Brian and Feng ChuResveratrol as an Angiogenesis Inhibitor: Ebba Br?kenhielm, Renhai Cao, and Yihai CaoResveratrol Modulation of Gene Expression: The Role of Transcription Factors: Fulvio Della Ragione, Valeria Cucciolla, Adriana Borriello, and Vincenzo ZappiaModulation of Gene Expression by Resveratrol: Bhagavathi A. Narayanan and Narayanan K. NarayananResveratrol and Prostaglandin Biosynthesis: Lawrence M. Szewczuk and Trevor M. PenningResveratrol as an Inhibitor of Carcinogenesis : John M. PezzutoResveratrol as an Antitumor Agent In Vivo: Francis RaulResveratrol as a Sensitizer to Apoptosis-Inducing Stimuli: Ali R. Jazirehi and Benjamin BonavidaResveratrol as a Radio-Protective Agent: Yogeshwer Shukla, Shannon Reagan-Shaw, and Nihal AhmadResveratrol as a Phytoestrogen: Barry D. Gehm and Anait S. LevensonResveratrol as an Antibacterial Agent: Gail B. MahadyResveratrol as an Antifungal Agent: Marielle Adrian and Philippe JeandetProtective Effects of Resveratrol in Age-Related Neurodegenerative Diseases and Gene Regulatory Action: Sofiyan Saleem, Abdullah Shafique Ahmad, and Sylvain Dor?Protective Effects of Resveratrol against Ischemia-Reperfusion: Dipak K. DasResveratrol as Cardioprotective Agent: Evidence from Bench and Bedside: Sukesh Burjonroppa and Ken FujiseImmunomodulation by Resveratrol: Subhash C. Gautam, Xiaohua Gao, and Scott A. DulchavskyBiological Effects of Cis-Versus Trans-Resveratrol: Francisco OralloResveratrol as an Antiinflammatory Agent: Young-Joon Surh and Joydeb Kumar KunduNeuroprotective Effects of Resveratrol: Ying-Shan Han, St?phane Bastianetto, and R?mi QuirionPharmacokinetics and Metabolism of Resveratrol: Alberto A. E. BertelliIndex