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Index page for: New Protein Foods in Human Health: Nutrition, Prevention, and Therapy

Table of Contents Introduction (Michael N. Volgarev and Doyle H. Waggle). Protein and Amino Acid Requirements in Relation to Dietary Food Protein Needs (Vernon R. Young and Fred H. Steinke). Protein Sources for Use in Food Products (Walter J. Wolf). Chemical Composition and Content of Potentially Hazardous Contaminants in Isolated Soy Protein and Soy Concentrates (Vadium G. Vysotsky, Victor A. Tutelyan, and Valentine M. Zhminchenko). A Comparative Examination of Safety, Biological Value, and Digestibility (Vadium G. Vysotsky, Michael N. Volgarev, Irina S. Zilova, and Anatoli I. Zaichenko). Nutritional Value of Soybean Protein Foods (Fred H. Steinke). The Biological Value and Digestibility of Proteins in Combined Food Products Made with Isolated Soy Protein or Soy Concentrates (Vadim G. Vysotsky, Michael N. Volgarev, and Anna M. Safronova). Isolated Soy Proteins in Infant Feeding (Samuel J. Fomon and Ekhard E. Ziegler). The Use of an Isolated Soy Protein Formula for Nourishing Infants with Food Allergies (Kaleria S. Ladodo and Tatyana Borovick). Soy Proteins as Amino Acid and Protein Sources for Preschool-Age Children (Benjamin Torun). Clinical Evaluation of Partially Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Casein for Biological Value (Taisya A. Yatsyshina, Vadium G. Vysotsky, Anna M. Safronova, and Alexander S. Vitollo). Protein Nutritional Value of Soy Proteins in Adult Humans (Vernon R. Young). Heart Disease - Current Status and Dietary Recommendations for Prevention and Treatment (Scott M. Grundy). Cardiovascular Disease and Obesity in the USSR (Michael A. Samsonov and Valentina A. Meshcheryakova). Current Dietary Composition in Developed Countries and Need for Modification (Fred H. Steinke and Michael N. Volgarev). Production of New Healthier Foods Using Isolated Soy Protein (Fred H. Steinke, Charles W. Kolar, and Stanley H. Richert). The Effectiveness of Low-Fat, High-Protein Food Products in Dietary Treatment of Overweight and Obesity (Michael N. Volgarev, Vadium G. Vysotsky, Taisya A. Yatsyshina, and Valentina A. Meshvcheryakova). Digestibility, Tolerance, and Metabolic Efficiency of Mixtured Food Products Made with Isolated Soya Protein in Humans (Taisya A. Yatsyshina, Oxana A. Plotnikova, and Alexander S. Vitollo). Clinical and Experimental Approaches to Studying the Hypercholesterolemic Effects of Soybean Proteins (Boris G. Lyapkov). Review of the Studies of Soy Proteins for Reducing Serum Cholesterol (Fred H. Steinke). Antiatherogenic Characteristics of the Isolated Soya Protein 500E - Clinical Experimental Study (Victor A. Tutelyan, Andrei V. Vasilyev, and Li Khva Ren). Diet Therapy of Obese Patients with Hypertension, Ischemic Heart Disease or Hyperlipoproteinemia with Isolated Soy Protein Foods (Michael N. Volgarev, Victor A. Tutelyan, Michael A. Samsonov, Vadium G. Vysotsky, Galina R. Pokrovskaya, Alexander S. Vitollo, Irina S. Zilova, Natalya P. Shimanovskaya, and Olga M. Kalamkarova). Overview and Summary (Fred H. Steinke, Michael N. Volgarev, Doyle H. Waggle, and Andrei N. Bogatyrev).