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New Protein Foods in Human Health: Nutrition, Prevention, and Therapy


ISBN10: 849369045
ISBN13: 9780849369049

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $209.95
Pages: 232
Publish date: October 1991

Identifies protein sources likely to have practical application for the food industry in the near future Documents the nutritional value of new protein sources in relationship to current human amino acid and protein requirements Reviews current information on the health aspects of diet composition and provides practical food technology applications with supporting human research Summarizes and evaluates a large body of research data on the safety, nutrition, and health benefits of soy proteins generated over the last 25 years Provides views from western and Soviet experts on protein nutrition, health, and new food protein research and data This book is a compilation of recent research on the use of new food proteins to improve the economics, nutrition, and health of foods. The book places particular emphasis on the use of new plant protein sources in the diet, the development of new foods, and the modification of existing foods to improve human health. It also reviews potential sources of new protein foods, the use of soy proteins in foods, and new low-fat protein foods that can help prevent obesity and heart disease in people of all ages. The book is unique in its presentation of both western and Soviet research in protein foods. New Protein Foods in Human Health: Nutrition, Prevention, and Therapy is an important book for anyone involved in protein food research.

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