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Index page for: The Lipid Handbook with CD-ROM, Third Edition

Table of Contents Fatty Acid and Lipid Structure Fatty acid structure Lipid structure Occurrence and Characterization of Oils and Fats IntroductionMajor oils from plant sources Minor oils from plant sources Milk fats, animal depot fats, and fish oils Waxes Egg lipids Milk lipids Liver and other tissue lipids Cereal lipids Leaf lipids Algal lipidsFungal lipids Bacterial lipids Lipids of viruses Production and Refining of Oils and Fats IntroductionProduction of animal oils and fats Production of vegetable oils and fats Degumming of oils and fats Alkali refining of oils and fats Soap stock and by-product treatments Bleaching of oils and fats Dewaxing of oils Vacuum stripping of oils and fats HACCP for oils and fats supply chains Modification Processes and Food Uses IntroductionHydrogenation Interesterification. Fractionation Food grade emulsifiers Food uses of oils and fats SynthesisUnsaturated fatty acid synthesis via acetyleneFatty acid synthesis by the Wittig reaction Isotopically labelled fatty acidsSynthesis of acylglycerols Fullerene lipids Glycerophospholipids Sphingolipids Glycosylglycerides Bulk separation proceduresAnalysis Introduction Requirements stemming from quality control and process investigation Some selected analytical methodsChromatographic analysis of lipids Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Physical Properties: Structural and Physical Characteristics IntroductionCrystallisation and melting Phase behaviorLipid/water interactions Interaction between lipids and proteins Biological membranes Chemical Properties Autoxidation and photo-oxidation Enzymatic oxidationEpoxidation, hydroxylation and oxidative fission Halogenation and halohydrins OxymercurationMetathesis Stereomutation Double-bond migration and cyclizationCyclization Dimerization Chain branching and extension Hydrolysis, alcoholysis, esterification, and interesterification Acid chlorides, anhydrides, and ketene dimers Peroxy acids and related compounds Nitrogen-containing compounds Other reactions of the carboxyl group Oleochemical carbonates Guerbet compounds Nonfood Uses of Oils and Fats IntroductionBasic oleochemicalsSurfactants Lipids as formulating tools in skin care and cosmeticsLubricants Biofuels Surface coatings and inks Castor oil products Lipid Metabolism Fatty acids Glycerophospholipids Glyceride metabolism Glycosylglycerides Sphingolipids Lipids as signaling moleculesSterol esters Control mechanisms Nutritional, Medical and Agricultural Aspects of Lipids Human dietary requirements Lipids and cardiovascular diseaseClinical aspects of lipids with emphasis on cardiovascular disease and dyslipaemia Skin lipids and medical implications Sphingolipidoses Other disorders of lipid metabolismPulmonary surfactant (lung surfactant) Agricultural aspects