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Index page for: Handbook of Food-Drug Interactions

Table of Contents Pharmacy: Basic Concepts, Eric H. FrankelBiopharmaceutics of Orally Ingested Products, John W. HolladayDrug Interactions: Basic Concepts, Eric H. FrankelNutrition and Metabolism, Ronni ChernoffFood and Nutrition Update, Beverly J. McCabeMonitoring Nutritional Status in Drug Regimens, Beverly J. McCabe, Eric H. Frankel, Jonathan J. WolfeGastrointestinal and Metobolic Disorders and Drugs,Fantahun Yimam and Razia MalikDrug Interactions in Nutrition Support, Kathleen M. StrausburgAlcohol and Nutrition, Kim E. Light and Reza HakkakNutrition and Drug Regimens in Older Persons, Albert Barrocas, Charles W. Jastram, and Beverly J. McCabeObesity and Appetite Drugs, Tiffany R. BoltonNonprescription Drug and Nutrient Interactions, Beth Miller and Nancy CarthanHerbal and Dietary Supplement Interactions with Drugs, Bill J. Gurley and Dorothy W. HaganDietary Counseling to Prevent Food-Drug Interactions, Beverly J. McCabePrevention of Food-Drug Interactions, Jonathan J. Wolfe and Jan K. HastingsDrug-Nutrient Interactions and JCAHO, Dorothy W. Hagan and Beverly J. McCabeComputers in Nutrient-Drug Interaction Management: Understanding the Past and the Present, Building a Framework for the Future, Peter Tanguay and Howell FosterAppendices