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Index page for: Handbook of Functional Dairy Products

Table of Contents Overview of Opportunities for Health Enhancing Functional Dairy Products, Colette Shortt, Daniella Shaw, Giuseppe MazzaSuccessful Probiotic Lactobacilli: Human Studies on Probiotic Efficacy, Seppo Salminen, Martin Playne, Yuan Kun LeeSuccessful Probiotic Bifidobacteria, John MarksLactose Intolerance and Low-Lactose Dairy Products, Tuula Tuure, Riitta KorpelaTrans-Galactooligosaccharides as Prebiotics, Glenn Gibson, Bodun Rabiu, Catherine E. Rycroft, Robert A. RastallMilk-Derived Bioactive Peptides: Formation and Prospects for Health Promotion, Hannu Korhonen, Anne Pihlanto-Lepp?l?Immune Modulation by Dairy Ingredients: Potential for Improving Health, Graham Knowles, Harsharn GillConjugated Linoleic Acid, David KritchevskyCalcium Bioavailability of Dairy Products, David D. Kitts, Wendy KwongIron Fortification of Dairy Products: A Novel Approach, L.R. Juneja, N. Sakaguchi, R. Yamaguchi, H. NanbuEuropean Perspective on the Development of a Health Claim Dossier for a Functional Dairy Product, Gertjan Schaafsma, Jean FeordCommunicating the Science Behind the Health Benefits of Dairy Products: The American Experience, Allison Madell, Denise Webb, Gregory D. MillerBiotechnology of Food Cultures for the Nutritional Enhancement of Milk and Dairy Products, Eoin Barrett, Catherine Stanton, Gerald Fitzgerald, and R. Paul RossThe Safety Evaluation of Functional Dairy Foods, John O'Brien