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Table of Contents PREFACEBARD'S PERSPECTIVE, Edo ChalutzFoodborne Infections and Intoxications in Israel: The Role of Agriculture on Their Incidence and Means for Control, Isaac KlingerInnovative Technology to Reduce Microbial Food Contamination, Michael J. GoldblattINCIDENCES AND NATURE OF MICROBIAL FOOD CONTAMINATIONViruses and Protozoan Parasites on Food, Dean O. CliverHUMAN HEALTH EFFECTS OF MICROBIAL FOOD CONTAMINANTSToxicity Associated with Fumonisin-Contaminated Corn, Kenneth A. Voss, Ronald T. Riley, Ronald D. Plattner, William P. Norred, Filmore I. Meredith, James K. Porter, and Charles W. BaconMechanisms of Action of AflatoxinB1 at the Biochemical and Molecular Levels, Avishay-Abraham StarkDETECTION AND MONITORING OF MICROBIAL FOOD CONTAMINANTSRapid Methods of Microbial Analysis: Update, Daniel Y.C. FungBiosensors for On-Line Monitoring, J. Rishpon, T. Neufeld, V. Sacks, and I. EshkenaziApplications of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for Detection, Identification, and Typing of Foodborne Microorganisms, Pina M. FratamicoApplication of Automated Ribotyping to Improve Food Safety and Quality, S.J. FritschelCONTROL OF MICROBIAL FOOD CONTAMINANTSA Brief Introduction to the Kosher Laws and and Possible Implications for Food Safety, Regenstein and Carrie E. RegenstienControl of Foodborne Pathogens and Spoilage Microorganisms by Naturally Occurring Antimicrobials, Larry R. BeuchatIrradiation and Other Physically Based Control Strategies for Foodborne Pathogens, V.K. Juneja and D.W. ThayerBiologically Based Technology for the Control of Postharvest Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables, Samir Droby, Charles L. Wilson, Michael Wisniewski, and Ahmed El GhaouthGenetic and Biological Control of Aflatoxigenic Fungi, D. Bhatnagar, P.J. Cotty, and T.E. ClevelandMICROBIAL FOOD CONTAMINATION AND INTERNATIONAL TRADEImpact of Foodborne Infections and Intoxications on International Trade-Israeli Examples, Isaac, KlingerUse of Risk Assessment as a Tool for Evaluating Microbial Food Contaminants, Michael D. McElvaineThe Codex Alimentarius: What It Is and Why It Is Import, H. Michael Wehr