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Index page for: Drug Residues in Foods: Pharmacology: Food Safety, and Analysis

Table of Contents Part 1 Drugs in food-producing animals: a general view of drug usage, some pharmacokinetic considerations, antibacterial drugs, anthelminthic drugs, anticoccidial and other antiprotozoal drugs, antimicrobial growth promoters, anabolic hormonal-type growth promoters, other drugs, benefits and risks of drug usage. Part 2 Residues in food: drug residues and public health, safety assessment and control of residues, global harmonization of regulatory requirements, incidence of violative residues in food, factors influencing the occurrence of residues in food, costs of residues in the livestock industry, residue avoidance management, stability of residues during food processing, consumer perceptions and concerns. Part 3 Analysis of drug residues: the analytical challenge, sample preparation, derivatization, separation, detection, confirmation, validation, analytical strategy, microbiological methods, immunochemical methods, physicochemical methods, future trends.