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Index page for: Cardamom: The Genus Elettaria

Table of Contents Introduction. Botany, Crop Improvement and Biotechnology of Cardamom. Chemistry of Cardamom. Agronomy and Management of Cardamom. Nutrition of Cardamom. Viral Diseases of Cardamom. Diseases of Cardamom (fungal, bacterial and nematode disease). Insect Pests of Cardamom. Harvesting and Processing of Cardamom. Industrial Processing and Products of Cardamom. Cardamom Economy. Properties and End-Uses of Cardamom. Cardamom - Future Vision. Yield Gaps and Production Constraints in Cardamom. Large Cardamom (Amomum subulatum Roxb.). False Cardamoms. Appendix 1. Specification for Cardamom Appendix 2. Selected Recipes