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Table of Contents FACTORS AFFECTING SWEET TASTE PERCEPTIONStimulation of Taste Cells by Sweet Taste Compounds, M. Naim, L. Huang, A.L. Spielman, M.E. Shaul, A. AliluikoGenetic Differences in Sweet Taste Perception, V.B. Duffy, J.E. Hayes, M.E. DinehartChildren' Liking of Sweet Tastes and Its Biological Basis, m.y. Pepino, J.A. MennellaTaste-Odour Interactions in Sweet Taste Perception, D. Valentin, C. Chrea, and D. H. NguyenTaste-Ingredient Interactions Modulating Sweetness, M. LindelyMeasuring Consumer's Perceptions of Sweet Taste, S. Issanchou, and S. NicklausTYPES OF SWEET TASTING COMPOUNDSSucrose, J.M. CooperPolyols, M.E. EmbuscadoLow-Calorie Sweeteners, S.E. KempReduced-Calorie Sweeteners and Caloric Alternatives, G-W von Rymon LipinskiIMPROVING SWEET TASTING COMPOUNDS AND OPTIMIZING THEIR USE IN FOODSAnalyzing and Predicting Properties of Sweet-Tasting Compounds, D.E. WaltersDiscovering New Natural Sweeteners, A.D. KinghornMolecular Design and the Development of New Sweeteners, J. PolanskiDeveloping New Sweeteners From Natural Compounds, A. BassoliImproving the Taste of Sweeteners, D.E. WaltersAnalyzing and Predicting Synergy in Sweetener Blends, P. LaffortBulk Sweet Tasting Compounds in Food Product Development, M. LindleyHydrocolloid-sweetener Interactions in Food Products, D. CookFuture Directions: Using Biotechnology to Discover New Sweeteners, Bitter Blockers and Sweetness Potentiators, R. McGregor