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Table of Contents Absorption And Metabolism Of Anthocyanins: Potential Health Effects, Ronald L. PriorCommon Features in the Pathways ofAbsorption and Metabolism of Flavonoids, Gary WilliamsonPharmacokinetics and Bioavailability of Green Tea Catechins, Yan Cai and H-H. Sherry ChowThe Importance of In Vivo Metabolism of Polyphenols and Their Biological Action, By Stephen Barnes, Tracy D'Alessandro, Marion C. Kirk, Rakesh P. Patel, Brenda Boersma, and Victor M. Darley-UsmerCancer Prevention by Phytochemicals, Modulation of Cell Cycle,Diane F. Birt, Weiqun Wang, Nancy Pavia,Angela Au, Chilly Chung, Laura Schmitt and Yu JiangCancer Chemoprevention by Phytopolyphenols Including Flavanoids and Flavonoids through Modulating Signal Transduction Pathways, Jen-Kun LinGene Regulation By Glucosinolate Hydrolysis Products from Broccoli, Kristin E. Stewart, Chu Won Nho, and Elizabeth H. JefferyHealthy Food Versus Phytosterol-Fortified Foods for Primary Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease, Douglas S. Lewis, Ph.D and Oksana MatvienkoVascular Effects Of Resveratrol, Joseph M. Wu, Xiaohua Lu, Junqiao Guo, and Tze-chen HsiehDevelopment of a Mixture of Dietary Carotenoids as Cancer Chemopreventive Agents: C57BL/6J Mice as a Useful Animal Model for Efficacy Studies with Carotenoids, Frederick Khachick, Nitin Telang, Fumio Enjo ad Martin Lipkin)Chemoprevention of Colon Cancer by Curcumin, Bandaru S. Reddy and Chinthalapally V. RaoIndex