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Phytochemicals: Mechanisms of Action


ISBN10: 849316723
ISBN13: 9780849316722

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $139.95
Pages: 224
Publish date: December 2003

Discusses recent developments in phytochemicals research, including pharmacokinetics, clinical effects, metabolism, and bioavailability Includes a discussion of gene regulation and expression Presents research on the compounds quercetin, curcumin, and resveratrol, which were not covered in previous volumes of the series Phytochemicals: Mechanisms of Action is the latest volume in a highly regarded series that addresses the roles of phytochemicals in disease prevention and health promotion. The text, an ideal tool for scientists and researchers in the fields of functional foods and nutraceuticals, links diets rich in plant-derived compounds, such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains, with decreased risk of chronic degenerative diseases. Chapters highlight recent developments in three areas that have not been covered sufficiently in previous references. The treatment of pharmacokinetics and bioavailability addresses how phytochemicals get into the body, what happens to them, and how they are metabolized. The book also addresses mechanisms of action, which explains how phytochemicals work at the cellular level, and clinical outcomes and methodology, which focuses on reasonable biomarkers, as well as current and future methods that demonstrate clinical efficacy. Backed with five decades of compelling evidence, Phytochemicals: Mechanisms of Action is an essential resource for anyone interested in functional foods and nutraceuticals. Throughout the discussions, areas of research need are identified, thus benefiting researchers developing new areas of interest or young researchers just beginning their careers.

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