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Table of Contents FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES AND METHODS IN NUTRITIONAL NEUROSCIENCEHuman Nutritional Neuroscience: Fundamental Issues Harris R. LiebermanConsideration of Experimental Design for Studies in Nutritional NeuroscienceRuth B.S. HarrisAssessment of Animal BehaviorRachel L. GalliElectrophysiological Methods: Application in Nutritional NeuroscienceRubem Carlos Ara?jo GuedesMACRONUTRIENTS, BRAIN FUNCTION, AND BEHAVIORDiet, Cerebral Energy Metabolism, and Psychological FunctioningDavid BentonThe Acute Effects of Meals on Cognitive Performance Caroline R. Mahoney, Holly A. Taylor, and Robin B. KanarekRegulation of Macronutrient Preference - Component of Food SelectionJason C.G. Halford and John E. BlundellCentral Regulation of Feeding: Interplay between NeuroregulatorsAllen S. Levine, Pawel K. Olszewski, Charles J. Billington, and Catherine M. KotzAmino Acids, Brain Metabolism, Mood, and Behavior Simon N. YoungModulation of Feeding Behavior by Amino Acid-Deficient Diets: Present Findings and Future DirectionsThomas J. Koehnle and Dorothy W. GietzenRole of Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Brain and Cognitive Function: Perspective of a Developmental PsychobiologistPatricia E. Wainwright and Danica MartinDietary Modulation of the Behavioral Consequences of Psychoactive DrugsRobin B. Kanarek, Kristen E. D'Anci, Wendy Foulds Mathes, Rinah Yamamoto, R. Todd Coy, and Monica LeiboviciMICRONUTRIENTS, BRAIN FUNCTION, AND BEHAVIORVitamins and Brain FunctionJ?rg HallerIron and Brain FunctionDomingo J. Pi?ero and James R. ConnorIodine and Brain Function John H. LazarusDietary Zinc in Brain Development, Behavior, and NeuropathologyTammy M. Bray and Mark A. LevyCopper and Brain Function W. Thomas JohnsonRoles of Selenium in Function of the Brain Chiho WatanabeFOODS AND SUPPLEMENTS THAT MODULATE BRAIN FUNCTIONFood-Derived Neuroactive Cyclic DipeptidesChandan PrasadCaffeine Andrew SmithTyrosine Jan Berend DeijenPopular Herbal Medicines Having Effects on the Central Nervous SystemEdzard ErnstPhytochemicals in Foods and Beverages: Effects on the Central Nervous SystemBarbara Shukitt-Hale, Amanda Carey, and James A. Joseph