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Index page for: Neural and Metabolic Control of Macronutrient Intake

Table of Contents Evidence for Macronutrient Selection: Basic Mechanisms and Strategies to Achieve RegulationSpecific Appetites and Homeostatic Systems-Edward M. StrickerToo Many Choices? A Critical Essay on Macronutrient Selection-Mark I. FriedmanIs There a Specific Appetite for Protein?-Bennett G. Galef, Jr.Geometric Models of Macronutrient Selection-Stephen J. Simpson and David RaubenheimerMacronutrient Selection in Free Feeding Humans: Evidence for Long Term Regulation-John M. de CastroMacronutrient-Specific Hungers and Satieties and Their Neural Bases, Learnt From Pre-and Post-Ingestional Effects of Eating Particular Foodstuffs-David A. Booth and Louise ThibaultMacronutrient-Conditioned Flavor Preferences-Anthony SclafaniEvidence for Caloric, but Not Macronutrient Compensation, to Preloads Varying in Fat and Carbohydrate Content in Human Subjects-Barbara J. Rolls and Timothy H. MoranThe Effects of Nutrient Preloads on Subsequent Macronutrient Selection in Animal Models-L. A. FosterEffects of Metabolic Processing on Energy Intake and Macronutrient SelectionIntermediary Metabolism of Macronutrients-Malcom WatfordPhysiological and Metabolic Control of Macronutrient Balance-J. P. FlattCarbohydrate and Fat Metabolism, Appetite and Feeding Behavior in Humans-R. James Stubbs and L. M. O'ReillyEffects of Metabollic Blockade on Macronutrient Seclection-Sue Ritter, Frank H. Koegler, and Michael WiaterMemory and Macronutrient Regulation-Terry L. Davidson, Javier R. Morell, and Stephen C. BenoitEffects of Food Deprivation, Starvation, and Exercise on Dietary Selction in the Rat-T. W. Castonguay and L. M. BrownEffects of Fat Substitutes and Inhibitors of Absorption on Macronutrient Intake-Karen AckroffDetection of Macronutrients and Their MetabolitesTaste, Olfactory, Visual and Somatosensory Representations of the Sensory Properties of Foods in the Brain, and Their Relation to the Control of Food Intake-Edmund T. RollsSatiation in Response to Macronutrient Signals From the Intestine: Mechanisms and Implications for Macronutrient Selction-Mihai Covasa and Robert C. RitterFat Absorption and the Role of Lymphatic Apolipoprotein A-IV in the Regulation of Food Intake-P. Tso and K. FukagawaEnterostatin as a Regulator of Fat Intake-David A. York, Ling Lin , Brenda K. Smith, and Jian ChenPortal-Hepatic Sensors for Glucose, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, and Availability of Oxidative Products-Wolfgang LanghansGlucosensing Neurons in the Central Nervous System-Barry E. Levin, Vanessa H. Routh, and Ambrose A. Dunn-MeynellAmino Acid Recognition in the Central Nervous System-Dorothy W. GietzenNeural Integration of Sensory and Metabolic Information in the Control of Macronutrient SelectionAn Overview of Neural Pathways and Networks Involved in the Control of Food Intake and Selection-Hans-Rudolf BerthoudMacronutrients and Brain Peptides: What they Do and How They Respond-Sarah F. LeibowitzOpioids, Food Reward, and Macronutrient Selection-Michael J. Glass, Chales J. Billington, and Allen S. LevineSerotonin (5-HT) and Serotoninergic Receptors in the Regulation of Macronutrient Intake-J.C. G. Halford, B. K. Smith, and J. E. BlundellEffects of Pure Macronutrient Diets on 5-HT Release in the Rat Hypothalamus: Relationship to Insulin Secretion and Possible Mechanism for Feedback Control of Fat and Carbohydrate Ingestion-M. Orosco, K. Gerozissis, and S. Nicola?disQuatitative and Macronutrient-Related Regulation of Hypothalamic Neuropeptide Y, Galanin and Neurotensin-Bernard BeckAdiposity Signals and Macronutrient Selection-Gertjan van Dijik, Mark Chavez, Christine A. Riedy, and Stephen C. WoodsStress and Macrontnutrient Selection-Ruth B. S. Harris, Leigh Anne Howell, Tiffany D. Mitchell, Bradley D. Youngblood, David A. York, and Donna H. RyanConclusionsNeural and Metabolic Control of Macronutrient Selection: Consensus and Controversy-Randy J. Seeley, and Hans-Rudolf Berthoud