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Index page for: Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation: A Clinical Guide

Table of Contents Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract, GrantThe Etiology and Mechanism of Intestinal Failure, JeejeebhoyDiarrhea in Short Bowel Syndrome, Kaufman and FennellyAbnormalities in Fluid and Electrolyte Absorption in Intestinal Failure, Ukleja and ScolapioMetabolic and Nutritional Consequences of Intestinal Failure, Ashley Nutrition Assessment, ParekhMalnutrition, Scolapio and UklejaPhysiologic and Laboratory Testing for Malabsorption and Short Bowel Syndrome, Compher and MetzThe Role of Diet and Specific Nutrients, Byrne, Cox, Karimbakas, and WesemanMedications, Kandil and O'KeefePancreatic Enzyme Replacement and Bile Acid Therapy, Stevens and ConwellAntimicrobials and Probiotics, Vanderhoof and YoungUse of Trophic Substances in the Treatment of Intestinal Failure, Zeigler, Tian, Washizama, Luo, Leader, and Fern?ndez-Est?varizEnteral Nutrition in Intestinal Failure, Seidner and RamasamyParenteral Nutrition, Hamilton, Steiger, and SeidnerParenteral Nutrition: Association Hepatobiliary and Renal Disease, BuchmannPrevention of Short Bowel Syndrome in Crohn's Disease, Fazio and ZutshiSurgery for Intestinal Failure, Iyer and RichardIntestinal Failure and Visceral Transplantation, Abu-Elmagd, Bond, Costa, Mazariegos, and ReyesMedication Delivery in Intestinal Failure, Speerhas, Bragalone, and WagnerSurvival and Quality of Life on Home Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, HowardSpecialized Nutrition: The Patient Perspective, Tucker and KellyEstablishment of an Intestinal Rehabilitation Program, Matarese and Steiger