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Design and Technology of Packaging Decoration for the Consumer Market


ISBN10: 849305063
ISBN13: 9780849305061

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 288
Publish date: August 2001

Provides a broad overview of one of the most critical sectors of packaging technology Covers mainstream structural packaging found in consumer markets worldwide Details and links the printing technologies and labeling formats Offers guidance on the graphic design process and the selection of graphics to be used with the labeling and packaging formats Presents contributions from experienced industrialists and experts involved in relevant, applied research Packaging for the fast moving consumer goods market plays a vital role in promoting the product to the customer, as well as in carrying informative and legislative detail. Combining these roles requires commercial awareness, detailed knowledge of the relevant technologies, creative care and consideration of the effects of colors, typefaces, and images that must support the brand. Design and Technology of Packaging Decoration for the Consumer Market guides you through the technical and commercial factors to consider when planning the decoration, or label, of a package: o the printing technologies o their relevance to the labeling formats or structural package o the application of the label to the structural package o the development of artwork o the use and impact of labeling on a range of consumer products o some legal considerations The book concludes with a chapter on future labeling systems. The role of the packaging technologist is to ensure that the creative design is translated into a functional representation. The challenge is to have both the design and the execution working in harmony. With an emphasis on technology, this practical handbook will help you achieve this.

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