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Index page for: Seafood and Freshwater Toxins: Pharmacology: Physiology, and Detection

Table of Contents General considerations: historic considerations regarding seafood safety, diversity of marine and freshwater algae toxins. The epidemiological impact of toxic episodes: non-neurotoxic toxins, neurotoxic toxins. diversity of neurotoxins as pharmacological tools: calcium channels for exocytosis - functional modulation with toxins. Paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP): ecobiology, classification, and origin, chemistry and mechanism of action, chemical analysis of PSP toxins, biological detection methods, toxicology and kinetics. Enteric toxic episodes - DSP toxins: chemistry and detection methods for okadaic acid and analogues, mechanism of action and toxicology, neoplastic activity of DSP toxins, pecteno and yessotoxins - chemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, and analysis. Amnesic toxic episodes: ecobiology, clinical symptoms, and mode of action of domoic acid, an amnesic shellfish toxin, pharmacology of domoic acid, molecular biology of kainate receptors - targets of domoic acid toxicity, chemical and biological detection methods. Non-PSP neurotoxic episodes: ciguatera toxins -chemistry and detection, ciguatera toxins -pharmacology of toxins involved in ciguatera and related fish poisoning, ciguatera toxins - toxicology of ciguatera toxins, ciguatera toxins - mechanisms of action and pharmacology of malitotoxin, brevetoxins -chemistry, mechanisms of action, and methods of detection. Palytoxin: chemistry and detection, mechanism of action, pharmacology, and toxicology. Freshwater toxins and hepatotoxins: ecobiology, classification, chemistry, and detection, mechanisms of action, pharmacology, and toxicology and impacts on aquaculture, ecobiology and classification, chemistry and detection, microcystin and nodularin cyanobacterial hepatotoxins - mechanism of toxicity and effects on health, geographical distribution of toxic cyanobacterial blooms. New toxins, new drugs: new toxins on the horizon. (Part contents).