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Meat products handbook: Practical science and technology


ISBN10: 849380103
ISBN13: 9780849380105

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $279.95
Pages: 648
Publish date: May 2006

Covers fat, protein, and other components in meat Explores changes in meat pre- and post-slaughter Discusses additives such as phosphates, salts, hydrocolloids, proteins, carbohydrates, and fillers Provides chapters on cooked ham and bacon, cooked, fresh, and raw fermented sausage, raw fermented and non-fermented salami, cure air-dried products, and more There has long been a need for a comprehensive one-volume reference on the main types of processed meat products and their methods of manufacture. Based on over twenty years' experience in the industry, Meat Products Handbook is designed to meet that need. It combines a detailed practical knowledge of processing and ingredients with the scientific underpinning to understand the effect of particular process steps and ingredients on product safety and quality. The author sets the stage with a review of meat composition and its effect on quality together with the role of additives. It goes on to discuss raw materials, additives, manufacturing processes, and representative recipes for a range of particular meat products.

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