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Index page for: Sensory Evaluation of Food: Statistical Methods and Procedures

Table of Contents Before you Begin. Averages, Ranges, and the Nature of Numbers Probablity, Sorting, and Arranging Normal (Gaussian) Distribution: z Tests The Binomial Test: Applications in Sensory Difference and Preference Testing Chi-Square Student's t Test Introduction to Analysis of Variance and the One-Factor Completely Randomized Design Multiple Comparisions Analysis of Variance: Two-Factor Design Without Interaction, Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance: Two-Factor Design with Interaction Analysis of Variance: Three- and Four-Factor Designs Fixed- and Random-Effects Model. Split-Plot Design. Correlation and Regression Additional Nonparametric Tests Appendix A: Proof That ?(X -X)2 =? X2 - (? X)2 N Appendix B: Binomial Expansion Appendix C: Proof that SST = SSB+SSE Appendix D: A Note on Confidence Intervals Appendix E: Sensory Multiple-Difference Testing, Using the R= Index to Ascertain Degrees of Difference Appendix F: Do We Have the Wrong Tools? Appendix G: Statistical Tables