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Table of Contents GLOSSARYINTRODUCTION, P.C. Morris and J.H. Bryce, Heriot-Watt UniversityCereals: an introductionPlant breedingBiotechnology: an introductionThe structure of this bookTHE GENETIC TRANSFORMATION OF WHEAT AND BARLEY, R.C. Schuurink and J.D. Louwerse, Heriot-Watt UniversityIssues in successful transformationTarget tissues for transformationDelivery of DNASelection and regenerationPromotersExamples of transformed wheat and barleySummary: problems and future trendsTHE GENETIC TRANSFORMATION OF RICE AND MAIZE, M.R. Davey, H. Ingram, K. Azhakanandam aand J.B. Power, University of NottinghamApproaches to the transformation of maize and riceTarget tissues for rice and maize transformationVectors for rice and maize transformationExamples of agronomically useful genes introduced into rice and maizeSummary: problems, limitations, and future trendsPRODUCT DEVELOPMENT IN CEREAL BIOTECHNOLOGY, D. McElroy, Maxygen, Inc.Commercial targets for cereal biotechnologyProblems in cereal biotechnologyEfficacy screening of commercial traitsMolecular breeding of transgenic plantsMolecular quality control for transgenic plantsIntellectual property and freedom to operateRegulatory issues and risk assessmentProduct release and marketing strategiesProduct development: a practical exampleFuture trendsUSING BIOTECHNOLOGY TO ADD VALUE TO CEREAL, R.J. Henry, Southern Cross UniversityWeed control (productivity, quality, safety)Disease resistance (productivity, quality, safety)Improved nutritional properties (quality, safety)Improved processing properties (productivity, quality, safety)Improved cereal quality control (quality, safety)Summary: future prospects and limitationsMOLECULAR BIOLOGICAL TOOLS IN CEREAL BREEDING, W. Thomas, Scottish Crop Research InstituteMarkersCharactersDeployment of molecular markersFuture prospectsConclusionsRISK ASSESSMENT AND LEGISLATIVE ISSUES, W. Cooper, formerly NIAB and J.B. Sweet, NIABRisk assessment and avoidance: general principlesAssessing the impact of genetically modified cropsHow is biotechnology regulated?Public perceptionsFuture developments in the regulatory processCURRENT PRACTICE IN MILLING AND BAKING, A. Lynn, Scottish Agricultural CollegeThe composition of cerealsThe use of cereals in millingCereal requirements for millingThe use of cereals in bakingBread bakingBiscuit manufactureSummary: the role of biotechnologyCURRENT PRACTICE IN MALTING, BREWING AND DISTILLING, R.G. Anderson, Marchington ZymoscienceThe fundamentals of malting, brewing and distillingThe malting industry: current practiceThe brewing industry: current practiceThe distilling industry: current practiceSummary: limitations in current practice and the role of biotechnologyCURRENT PRACTICE IN CEREAL PRODUCTION, E.J. Evans, University of NewcastleIntroductionVarietal selectionCrop establishmentCrop nutritionWeed controlDisease controlPest controlHarvesting and grain storageSUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS, P.C. Morris, G. Palmer, and J.H. Bryce, Heriot-Watt UniversityImproving cereal production and quality: a global challengeThe potential of cereal biotechnologyBiotechnology in commercial practiceProblems facing the cereal biotechnology industryThe futureNote: Chapters also include Introduction, References, and Sources