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Index page for: Natural Antimicrobials for the Minimal Processing of Foods

Table of Contents Introduction. Nisin in Multifactorial Food Preservation. Nisin in the Decontamination of Animal Products. Bacteriocins Other Than Nisin: The Pediocin-Like Cystibiotic of Lactic Acid Bacteria. Natamycin: An Effective Fungicide for Food and Beverages. Organic Acids. Antimicrobials from Animals. Chitosan: New Food Preservative of Laboratory Curiosity. Antimicrobials from Herbs and Spices. Natural Antimicrobials in Post-Harvest Storage of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Plant Antimicrobials Combined with Conventional Preservatives for Fruit Products. Edible Coatings Containing Natural Antimicrobials for Processed Foods. Natural Antimicrobials in Combination with Gamma Irradiation. Natural Antifungal Agents for Bakery Products. Regulations: New Food Additives, Ingredients and Processes.