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Index page for: Dietary Supplements of Plant Origin: A Nutrition and Health Approach

Table of Contents 1. An Introduction to Dietary Supplements of Plant Origins: Definitions, Background, and an Overview of this Volume 2. Herbal Dietary Supplements in the European Market 3. ESCOP, the European Commission, Consumer Policy and Health Protection 4. Industrial Plants as Sources of Dietary Supplements 5. Drug-like Compounds From Food Plants and Spices 6. Biotechnology of Plant-derived Dietary Supplements 7. Biochemistry, Physiology and Bioengineering of Bioactive Compounds from Plants Used as Dietary Supplements 8. Interaction of Herbs With Other Medicines: The Example of St. John's Wort 9. Official and Scientific Information Resources for Botanical Dietary Supplements Italy, Valerio Bombardelli, INDENA SpA, Milan, Italy, K. H?sn? Can Baser, Anadolu University, Turkey, Jerry Cott, USA, Massimo Maffei, University of Turin, Italy, Gail B. Mahady, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, Bernadette M. Marriott, University of North Carolina, USA, Marco Mucciarelli, University of Turin, Italy, Antonella Riva, INDENA SpA, Milan, Italy, Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati, Dipartimento di Chimica delle Sostanze Naturali, Napoli, Italy, Franco F. Vincieri, University of Florence, Italy