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Index page for: Developing New Food Products for a Changing Marketplace

Table of Contents The United States' Food Industry and Its Imperative for New Products, Aaron L. Brody, John Connor, and John B. LordThe Marketing Drive for New Food Products, Liz RobinsonProduct Policy and Goals, John B. LordNew Product Failure and Success, John B. LordThe Food Product Development Process, Marvin J. RudolphProduct Concepts and Concept Testing, John B. LordFood Science, Technology and Engineering Overview for Food Product Development, Romeo T. Toledo and Aaron L. BrodyDevelopment of Packaging for Food Products, Aaron L. BrodyNew Product Organizations: High-Performance Team Management for a Changing Environment, Robert E. Smith and John W. FinleyNew Food Products: Technical Development, Stanley SegallInnovative New Food Products: Technical Development in the Laboratory, Alvan W. PyneR&D-Driven Product Evaluation in the Early Stage of Development, Howard R. MoskowitzShelf Life of Packaged Foods, Its Measurement and Prediction, Gordon L. RobertsonToward the Development of an Integrated Packaging Design Methodology: Quality Function Deployment - A Tool for Packaging Design, Stephen A. RaperInnovative Food Packaging Graphics and Testing: A Packaging Decision Can Change the Course of a Company, J. Roy ParcelsMandatory Food Package Labeling in the United States, Jean Storlie and Aaron L. BrodyLaunching the New Product, John B. LordPublic Policy Issues, Eric F. Greenberg