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Fundamentals of Microanalytical Entomology: A Practical Guide to Detecting and Identifying Filth in Foods


ISBN10: 849389259
ISBN13: 9780849389252

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $199.95
Pages: 320
Publish date: October 1995

Offers an overview of microanalytical entomology Provides complete insect illustrations and an insect fragment identification discussion Includes a hair contaminants guide Combines knowledge and experience of practicing regulatory experts This text offers insight into the practical applications of microanalytical entomology in the laboratory and in the field of consumer protection. This is the only guide that gives an overview of the subject from initial analysis of a product to interpreting significance of final results. Complete insect illustrations throughout and an insect fragment identification discussion covers all pests that are found in foods. Micrographs illustrate a complete reference on identifying types of hair contaminants found in various foods. Chapters are written by practicing regulatory experts.

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