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Table of Contents KEY INFLUENCES ON CONSUMER FOOD CHOICEFood Choice: An IntroductionSensory Influences on Food Choice and Food IntakeThe Impact of Context and Environment on Consumer Food ChoiceTheories of Food Choice DevelopmentPerception of Risk, Benefit and Trust Associated with Consumer Food ChoicePRODUCT ATTRIBUTES AND CONSUMER FOOD CHOICEBranding and Labeling of Food ProductsHow Consumers Perceive Food QualityConsumer Attitudes Towards Convenience FoodsOutsourcing Meal PreparationConsumer Attitudes to Food Innovation and TechnologyConsumer Attitudes Towards Organic FoodsDIVERSITY IN CONSUMER FOOD CHOICE: CULTURAL AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCELife Experience and Demographic Variables Influencing Food Preferences: The Case of the USCross-Cultural Dimensions in Food Choice: EuropeGender Differences in Food ChoiceChildren and Food ChoiceUnderstanding Asian Consumers of Food ProductsCONSUMERS, FOOD AND HEALTHLiking, Wanting and Eating: Drivers of Food Choice and Intake ObesityConsumer Attitudes Towards Functional FoodsThe Priorities of Health and Wellness Shoppers Around the GlobeConsumers, Communication and Food allergyConsumers of Food Products, Domestic Hygiene and Public HealthChanging Unhealthy Food ChoicesCONSUMER ATTITUDE, FOOD POLICY AND PRACTICESocial Factor and Food Choice, Consumption as PracticeDeveloping a Coherent European Food Safety Policy: The Challenge of Value-Based Conflicts to EU Food Safety GovernanceScience, Society and Food PolicyPlanned Promotion of Healthy Eating to Improve Population HealthPublic Engagement in Food PolicyFood, Citizens and Market: The Quest for Responsible ConsumingThe Ethics of Food Production and ConsumptionFinal commentary: Future Research Needs