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Table of Contents Introduction Aspects of Thermodynamics Bonds and Interaction Forces Reaction Kinetics Transport Phenomena PolymersProteinsWater Relations Dispersed Systems Surface Phenomena Formation of Emulsions and Foams Colloidal Interactions Changes in Dispersity NucleationCrystallization Glass Transitions And Freezing Soft SolidsAPPENDIX A: Frequently Used Symbols for Physical Quantities APPENDIX B: Some Frequently Used Abbreviations APPENDIX C: Some Mathematical Symbols APPENDIX D: SI Rules for Notation APPENDIX E: The SI Units System APPENDIX F: Some Conversion Factors APPENDIX G: Recalculation of Concentrations APPENDIX H: Physical Properties of Water at 0-100?C APPENDIX I: Thermodynamic and Physical Properties of Water and Ice APPENDIX J: Some Values of the Error Function Index