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Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition, Volume 1


ISBN10: 084938981X
ISBN13: 9780849389818

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $389.95
Pages: 1216
Publish date: September 1993

? Features 2,800 entries ? Includes 1,692 illustrations, 96 of which are full-color photographs ? Contains more than 2,400 pages in two volumes ? Provides 462 tables, including one with 2,500 food compositions ? Includes the U.S.D.A.' s new Food Guide Pyramid (features six food groups) to replace the wheel describing the traditional four basic food group concept ? Presents the new recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals ? Provides nutritional analyses of 314 of the most popular fast foods served by leading fast-food chains ? Discusses the new food labeling legislation ? Offers ways to reduce the chances of death by heart disease, stroke, and cancer Foods and Nutrition Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition is the updated, expanded version of what has been described as a monumental, classic work. This new edition contains more than 2,400 pages, 1,692 illustrations, 96 of which are full-color photographs, 2,800 entries (topics), and 462 tables, including a table of 2,500 food compositions. A comprehensive index enables you to find information quickly and easily.

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