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Index page for: Eating Disorders in Women and Children: Prevention, Stress Management, and Treatment

Table of Contents PART I THE CONSTITUTION OF EATING DISORDERSEating Disorders Psychology of an Eating DisorderPhysiology of Eating DisordersEating Disorder Inventories Used in Clinical and Non-Clinical SettingsPART II THE CHARATERISTICS OF STRESSDefinition of StressPsychology of Stress and CopingPhysiology of StressStress Inventories Used in Clinical and Non-Clinical SettingsPART III SOCIETY AND EATING DISORDERSFamily DynamicsMedia Involvement and the Idea of BeautyBody ImageSexualityPART IV PRIMARY PREVENTION OF EATING DISORDERS IN CHILDRENFactors Associated with Eating Disorders in ChildrenEducational Programs Aimed at Primary PreventionThe Role of Parents, School Personnel, and the Community in the Primary Prevention of Eating Disorders Among ChildrenPART V DEVELOPING HEALTHY ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS TO MANAGE THE STRESS ASSOCIATED WITH AN EATING DISORDERBehavior Modification Cognitive Restructuring Self-Esteem/Self-Efficacy Expressing Feelings/ Communication Spirituality Exercise Prescription for Fitness and HealthPART VI THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES TO THE TREATMENT OF EATING DISORDERS Contact Movement Therapy for Clients with Eating DisordersDance/ Movement Treatment PerspectivesCreating a Healthy Balance Between Nutrition and Other Modalities of Healthcare Necessary in Treatment of an Eating Disorder Patient APPENDICES