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Index page for: Bioprocesses and Biotechnology for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

Table of Contents Table of Series Introduction - F. Shahidi Preface Contributors Introduction: The Role of Biotechnology in Functional Foods, S. Arai and M. Fujimaki PART I. BIOTECHNOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO MODIFYING AGRICULTURAL FOOD SOURCES Poultry, Eggs, and Biotechnology, R. Walzem Modern Biotechnology for the Production of Dairy Products, P. Prieto Bacterial Food Additives and Dietary Supplements, D. Wilke Genomics of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria: Impacts on Functional Foods, T. Klaenhammer, W. de Vos, and A.Mercenier Biotechnological Modification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Strategies for the Enhancement of Wine Quality, L. Bisson PART II. BIOTECHNOLOGY STRATEGIES FOR PRODUCING SPECIFIC FOOD INGREDIENTS Prebiotics from Lactose, Sucrose, Starch, and Plant Polysaccharides, M. Playne and R. Crittenden Dextran and Glucooligosaccharides, P. Monsan and D. Auriol Prebiotics and the Prophylactic Management of Gut Disorders: Mechanisms and Human Data, R. Rastall and G. Gibson Proteins and Peptides, Y. Adkins and B. L?nnerdal Enzymes, J. Ogawa and S. Shimizu Chemical Analysis and Health Benefits of Isoflavones, S. Uesugi, S. Watanabe, and R. Haba Anandamides and Diet: A New Pot of Nutritional Research Is Simmering, A. Berger, G. Crozier Willi, and V. Di Marzo PART III. PHYSIOLOGICAL TARGETS OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS Obesity and Energy Regulation, K. Acheson and L. Tappy Food, Fads, Foolishness, and the Future: Immune Function and Functional Foods, M. Watson, M. Gershwin, and J. Stern Immunology and Inflammation, E. Schiffrin and S. Blum Influence of Diet on Aging and Longevity, K. Mace and B. Halliwell Foods and Food Components in the Prevention of Cancer, G. Stoner, M. Morse, and G. Wogan PART IV. CONSUMER ISSUES OF BIOTECHNOLOGY AND FOOD PRODUCTS: Food Biotechnology and U.S. Products Liability Law: The Search for Balance Between New Technologies and Consumer Protection, S. Yoshida Scientific Concepts of Functional Foods in the Western World, S. Yoshida Paradigm Shift: Harmonization of Eastern and Western Food Systems, C. Lee and C. Y. Lee Consumer Attitudes Toward Biotechnology: Implications for Functional Foods, C. Bruhn Index