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Table of Contents Origin and HistoryBotany: Taxonomy, Morphology, and Physiology of Fruits, Leaves, and FlowersSoil and Cultural PracticesPests and DiseasesDevelopment of the Citrus Industry: Historical NoteFlowsheet Showing Steps in the Processing of Citrus FruitsCitrus Juices TechnologyEssential Oil ProductionProduction of Bitter Orange Neroli and Petitgrain OilsProduction of Distilled Peel OilsCitrus By-productsAdvanced Analytical Techniques for the Study of Citrus OilsComposition of the Volatile Fraction of Cold-pressed Citrus Peel OilsThe Oil Composition of Less Common Citrus SpeciesThe Oxygen Heterocyclic Compounds of Citrus Essential OilsTerpeneless and Sesquiterpeneless OilsComposition of distilled OilsExtracts for m the Bitter Orange Flowers (Citrus aurantium L.)Composition of Petitgrain OilsThe Chiral Compounds of Citrus Essential OilsAdulteration of Citrus OilsContaminants in Citrus Essential OilsThe Market of Citrus Oils Around the WorldCitrus Oils in Food and Beverages: Uses and AnalysesCitrus Oils in Perfumery and Cosmetic ProductsLegislation of Citrus OilsCitrus Species and Their Essential Oils in Traditional MedicineThe Biological Activity of Citrus Oils