BioFach 2009

Thursday 19 February 2009 - Sunday 22 February 2009

The New Specialized Exhibition and Congress for the Fresh-cut Convenience Sector

The market for convenience products is booming - particularly for fresh-cut fruit and vegetables. Producers and manufacturers are developing new and exciting products to meet the dramatic increase in demand from retailers, food service and convenience outlets.

And it is not just the market for new products which is booming. This highly specialised sector has a whole new range of demands on suppliers of packaging, dedicated machinery, quality assurance solutions and other service suppliers.

It has every reason to look to the future with confidence: BioFach will be 20 and the whole industry joins in the celebrations. The international organic market has undergone breathtaking development. Its sales volume in 2007 topped 40 billion US dollars, growth that is reflected by the some 46,500 trade visitors and 2,764 exhibitors* at BioFach 2008.

The world’s leading exhibition pays tribute to one of the major sources of inspiration of this success with the first “German Organic Trade Day” at BioFach 2009.

Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany


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